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About Us

Company "Bas project" are specializes in the design and construction of the Wellness-zones - Finnish saunas, Turkish hammams, Roman steam baths, swimming pools, a salt rooms.

Employees of our company will be able to offer You following spectrum of services:

  • Design and visualization of pools, Finnish saunas, Turkish baths, Roman baths;
  • Construction and reconstruction of all types of swimming pools; arrangement, improvement and furnish of premises pools;;
  • Construction of Finnish saunas;
  • Construction of Turkish baths;
  • Construction of Roman steam baths;
  • Warranty and maintenance maintenance of swimming pools, Finnish saunas and hammams;
  • Construction of salt rooms; materials and elements of decor for salt rooms;
  • Поставка оборудования для Бассейнов, Finnish saunas, Turkish baths, Roman steam baths;
  • Supply of mosaics and decorative materials for the Turkish baths, Pools, Roman steam baths;
  • Manufacture and supply of accessories and decor elements for Turkish baths: Marble Qurna, washing bowls, lamps and cranes, Sandals Kese, Soap, Towels Peshtamal, Salt panel, Salt cabinets, wooden carved elements, fusing decor elements, Lamps;
  • Supply of ice making machines.